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5-starsRight after my first visit here to the chiropractor’s office, I mean right after my first treatment, I was able to get some sleep for the first time in more than one month.  I became a completely different person as I continued my treatments.  My body was finally coming back to normal.  I used to be in constant pain, now it was different.  The pain became less and less and I found myself without pain for longer periods of time.  Thanks for returning me back to being able to do everything I used to do before.  - Gloria Espinal


5-starsBefore receiving chiropractic care, I couldn’t send text messages, type for over 5 minutes, or write on the board (teacher) without my hands getting numb.  I also couldn’t sit on the rug with my students without my legs getting numb also.  It also became difficult to do anything that required my head to be facing down, which in my line of work means everything.  After just a few visits the symptoms diminished and I was able to be functional all over again.  I truly am thankful!! ☺ - Wendy Basora


5-starsAt first, I was very reluctant to use chiropractic care for my migraines.  I have had past experiences that did not show me positive results.  When I came to see Dr. Jerry I felt a bit apprehensive.  Well, he gained my trust in the first half hour.  He sat with me for over an hour, listened to my problem, and now is treating me for my issue.  I knew this was it, I had found my answer.  Dr. Jerry has helped me on my road to a cure.  The pain in my neck and shoulders has lessened and the migraines are less frequent.  For this I am grateful.  To think I even questioned chiropractic care makes me think of how much time was wasted when I could have been under Dr. Jerry’s care.  Every time I walk into the office and see Dr. Jerry’s wife Rachel, I instantly feel comfortable and at ease. - Sara Reiner

5-starsChiropractic is the safest most effective healthcare on this planet.  Dr. Mendez is one of the best!  He doesn’t dance around with chasing symptoms.  He gets right to the problem and quickly, precisely, fixes it!  That is real chiropractic!  This world is a better place because he helps people truly get better.  Thank you! - Jonathan Spages


I think Dr. Mendez is the best care that ever happen to me.  -Dorothy Miller


I have been suffering from lower back pain for years on and off.  I always woke up in the morning in pain.  In the past two years I hurt my back from exercising.  My lower back hurt constantly.  I have seen Dr. Mendez 3 times + from the first time there was huge relief.  I’m waking up with a lot less back pain.  I feel so much better.  I will continue to see Dr. Mendez. - Carl Wojcik

5-starsDr. Mendez is very thorough in his analysis and care.  He worked for a time on a toe that hadn’t healed well and when he didn’t see the results he was looking for he recommended other treatment.  I have recommended him to others.  - Fran Elster

5-starsAdjustments worked, relieved lower back problem. - Zig Sebrowski

5-starsMy personal history is that I didn’t know anything about chiropractic, but since I began care I can walk with ease and feel much more agile.  - Juan Pacheco

5-starsAs a patient of Dr. Mendez I give my testimony and recommendation to any patient to come to his office to receive treatment given that I have felt very good with my condition being treated.  I am very grateful for the attention that I receive.  - Dunia Pena


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